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Shelving l Shelving Racks l Storage Shelving Systems l Steel Shelves

RIBONG offers a full range of robust hand loaded steel shelving racks with a load bearing capacity from 150kg to 3000kg, to cater for the larger and heavier bulk storage applications in various industries, warehouses and factories.

RIBONG is a professional manufacturer of storage shelving systems, all storage shelves from RIBONG are made of high quality materials with good versatility and wide adaptability for any industrial shelving need.

Pallet Racking l Pallet Racks l Pallet Storage Racking Systems

Pallet rack, also referred to as pallet racking, provides the optimal storage solution for warehouses because it allows for storage of a wide variety of products. Pallet racking systems from RIBONG are not only convenient, but also are sturdy enough to support up to 3000kg per bay and will ship in 3-7 working days. These pallet racking units are widely used in many factories and warehouses.

RIBONG's pallet storage racks include some number of uprights and beans, row and wall spacers and mounting bolts, and some customers also order wire decking to go with. To capitalize on the effectiveness and versatility of pallet rack storage solutions from RIGONB, order a pallet  .RIBONG's heavy duty pallet rack units are not only convenient, but are sturdy enough to support up to 19,980 pounds per bay and will ship in 1-3 business days.

Mezzanines l Warehouse Mezzanines l Steel Mezzanine l Mezzanine Construction

Mezzanines can create new space fast efficiently and maximize the total cube area of your facility as an alternative to a costly building addition or even as alternative to moving premises, suitable for the mechanics manufacturing and logistics distribution etc., great for in-plant offices, conveyor lines, pick modules, high-density storage, work or assembly space.

As a professional steel mezzanine manufacturer and an accreditated steel contruction contractor, since 2004, RIBONG designs, manufactures and installs mezzanine systems for sites mainly in China, but as far afield as Europe, North America, and Australia with its development.

RIBONG's warehouse mezzanines, steel platforms and rack supported floors, whether single or multi-level, are individually designed for specific locations and uses, providing tremendous strength and load bearing capacity, with low composite heights available. 

Office Filing Mobile Shelf
Storing up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems, also dramatically improving your office efficiency and maximizing your office.not only for file,but also the perfect solution for:* Law Libraries * Public and Private Libraries * Health Care Storage * Government Offices * Fine Art Storage * Archival Storage * Media Storage * Herbariums * Archeological Storage * Back-Room Storage * Files or Folders * Parts or Supplies..and more!

1, High-density mobile storage solutions for office, institution and industrial applications 
2, A mechanical advantage provided by the mechanism assist drive system and companion enables one or more carriages to be moved    quickly and easily.
3, System available with finished end panels to match any office decor.
4, Locking system to allow for locking of all uints together and each uint for user protection.
5, Anti-tip devices provided.
6, Ideal for heavy loads, up to 100KG per shelf.
7, Heavy Duty Round Track for reduced rolling resistance .
8, Easy-Assist and Drive Companion assure even torque at opposite carriage ends.
9, Low-prof ile tracks require no decking or false floors while maintaining easy foot and cart accessibility.
10, System can be relocated or  or expanded easily.

1, Side Panel
2, Back panel for single sided units
3, cold rolled steel, fully automatic acid treatment, static plastic-spraying ,grey color  or customized  running track thinckness: solid square steel,20*20(mm)
4, uprights steel plate thickness: 1.2(mm)
5, shelves level steel thickness: 1.0(mm)
6, lateral and roof and steel thickness: 0.8(mm)
 carriages steel thickness: 2.5(mm)  
Surface finishing processes:
1, All products adopt high quality cold rolled steel sheet from SHANGHAI BAOGANG company, strong, pressure and impact resisted, not easy distortion
2, ROHS powder from Akesu Nobel brand, who passed iso9001,ISO14000,no harn to human  environment,no poision and side-effect, no harmful smell 
3,  Galvanized standard connect partsand accessories against grind and pressure,fitting required loading capacity  , Hardware appearance is smooth, anti-grind,no sting in rim angle.
4, Adpot emulsifying and alkalescence degrease,phosphoric acid rust-removing,zinc film phosphrization,passivation and final powderspryingstrong adhesive,anti-abrasion
5, 45C-80C hot water washingg in 13 different processes before automaticl stastic spraying, and final solidified by180C
6, QS standard of finishing:appearance lighteness,40-58%; rigidity,≥0.6; beared wallop,40KG/cm2;above Grade   adhesive ability; plasticizing thinckness ≥30um

Shenzhen RIBONG Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd, formerly Shenzhen RIBONG Storage Rack Manufactory, is a professional storage racking manufacturer in China, specializing in the designing, manufacturing and installation of modern storage...

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